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Another photo from a onesubmissiveact task I d…

Another photo from a onesubmissiveact task I did a while ago.

Practicing my cocksucking skills while in chastity.


Today marks two weeks since I locked my useles…

Today marks two weeks since I locked my useless cock up in chastity.

I’m mega turned on so I couldn’t help but dress up and be a humiliated little slut for you again, and hopefully if it works, there are gifs!

I really needed to get some sexual pleasure somehow so I tried humping my anime body pillow through my cage. It’s probably the closest this pathetic beta crossdresser is ever going to get to having sex with a woman, isn’t that shameful?

After grinding it out for a while, I thought I would try and show off my blowjob skills for you. I put my dildo right on the crotch of my pillow so I could pretend I was sucking off a hot futa girl for motivation.

I was left desperate and frustrated by the end, with my balls aching and denied, and my precum leaking dick straining against my cage.

It feels so good to be a slut like this.

Let’s hope I can make it to a whole month in chastity, who knows what I’ll show off when I’m that horny?

I’ve never shown off my full school girl outfi…

I’ve never shown off my full school girl outfit before.

Why don’t you teach me a lesson? 😉

Also trying out my lovely small metal cage again. It makes my useless beta boy dick look so tiny and cute.

God, I love extra short miniskirts so much too, they leave you so exposed. It feels great.

Hope you enjoy.

Nothing like some silky smooth, freshly shaved…

Nothing like some silky smooth, freshly shaved legs (feat. locked cock).

They almost look shiny.

It feels so good to run your hands up and down my legs, there’s no friction what so ever.

Would you like to try?

Just a reminder that even though I have a dece…

Just a reminder that even though I have a decent looking cock, it’s useless and should be kept locked up in chastity.

It feels so right to be caged. You should try it some time.

What do you want out of your first experience …

What do you want out of your first experience with another man? Feel free to be explicit with the details!

I mentioned this in another ask in the past, but I’m not really attracted to masculinity. So, I’m only turned on by men with androgynous/feminine bodies with nice (not necessarily big) cocks.

I have a lot of fantasies that involve cute, feminine guys, so I’ll just describe one that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind recently:

I wanted to be dommed by a short (5′4″ or shorter), super cute, feminine crossdresser. They have to be a bottom and have nice small cock (like 3-4 inches).

They’ll keep me locked in the smallest chastity possible even though I have a bigger penis, and mock me about how my poor useless locked clit is even smaller than theirs, and about they can play with their free little dick all they want.

They’ll tease me constantly, forcing me to watch them masturbate or ride a dildo while they tell me how good it feels to touch themself. When they want pleasure from me, they’ll have me suck them off or fuck them with a strap-on.

They will only rarely let me out of chastity to tease my dick and edge me, ruin my orgasm, or to deliver punishment to my cock and balls.

They will humiliate me as they see fit, always cumming on me when they orgasm and making me clean it up. I won’t be permitted to wear clothes around them unless they want me to – which will always be women’s clothing. When I’m desperate for sexual release, they’ll make me beg repeatedly to get fucked in the ass by their small penis – and this will be the only time I’m allowed an non-ruined orgasm.

Well, there’s my answer I guess.

I’ve always been interested in trying out a ti…

I’ve always been interested in trying out a tiny cage like the one above, but I’ve always been worried that I just wouldn’t be able to smoosh my weiner into it.

Well, the other day I stumbled upon this post by @mysticalphotographynaturelight and I just had to try it myseIf, so I gave in and bought one.

It’s arriving tomorrow, I’ll be sure to post pics if I can manage to get it on.

So I’ve been completely a lot of submissive ta…

So I’ve been completely a lot of submissive tasks on OneSubmissiveAct recently. I asked permission to post these here since I thought you would like them and they said yes.

My task was to dress in a short skirt, bra and stockings and show off what a slut I am. Of course, what better way to do that then to put on some lipstick and give one of my dildos a nice sloppy blowjob?

Here’s a bit of the description I wrote as part of my response to the task:

“I decided to keep my cage on, since I knew I would get nice and tight
with what and I had in mind, and I don’t need my useless pee pee to be a
good slut.

I thought the best way to show off what a cheap whore I am would be
to give one of my dildos a nice, sloppy blowjob. I decided that a nice
thick layer of red lipstick would go well, so I put that on too.

I made sure to worship that cock with my mouth for a good 10 minutes –
sucking on the balls, licking up and down the shaft, and gagging as
much of the shaft as I could muster.

I was really desperate to touch my poor, denied, locked beta stick by
the end of it but I knew I couldn’t do anything but hopelessly grasp at
the cage and massage my aching blue balls.

I hope you enjoyed how much of a slut I was for you”

What's the longest you've gone witho…

What's the longest you've gone without an orgasm? What's the longest you think you could manage?

I think the longest I’ve gone without an orgasm is also the longest time I’ve spent in chastity, which is 18 days. I unfortunately had to take the cage off because it was starting to chafe the underside of my balls real bad.

I couldn’t help myself and got carried away edging. Then, whoops! Ruined/abandoned orgasm. At least I had the discipline to deny myself a full one.

I’m definitely going to go longer though. I’ve been locked up for 8 days without an orgasm at the moment, and I’m going to be going for at least 26 days total. I failed a task on onesubmissiveact and the punishment was that I couldn’t touch myself for 20 days.

As for my absolute limit – who knows?

Years ago, I probably couldn’t even imagine going a week without one, but I just keep pushing myself further and further.

So, I guess I’ll just throw out a year as the best I could manage.

Hope you liked my answer.

This is the kind of outfit I’ve been sleeping …

This is the kind of outfit I’ve been sleeping in lately.

Usually just some thigh high socks, and maybe something else, but always leaving most of my body exposed and my chastity cage, chest and ass on show.

Of course, I’ve been sleeping without any covers too since it’s so hot at night lately which means anyone could open the door to my room and see that I’m a pathetic, skinny little crossdresser who likes to lock his own useless cock away.

There’s something really exciting about wearing clothes that basically cover nothing and allowing myself so be so vulnerable while asleep.

Just thought I had to put this into words.

Hope you liked it.