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The game is over, and the young master felt disappointing to Elfree result. There is 5mm exceeded. Young master order Elfree lay on the cushion, ready his pose for the 50 times ball busting blows. But yet, it is another cruel some rule Elfree need to obey when in punishment. 

Rule 1: Judge by young master, when he feel Elfree is moan too loud, addition 5 more busting on Elfree’s ball. Rule 2: Elfree’s both hand hold an egg without crashing it. Crashed 1 egg, increase 100 times on the ball busting section. If both egg in his hand crashed, the busting section will become unlimited until the master satisfy only.

Elfree lost count on the total amounts of blow he had endured. The blows is increasing when he accidentally moan too loud. There is once Elfree success endure until countdown to 15 times, but the master increased the strength in blows cause Elfree moaning loud. He can only clench his teeth and flex his whole muscle hard, endure the great pain his master deliver to his balls. Luckily the eggs still fine in his hands, and he use his whole will to make sure he not crashed the eggs, or else this punishment will surely become endless torment.

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