retrogaycavelo: Aroused from his deep, strengthening sleep,…


Aroused from his deep,
strengthening sleep, Hercules was brought to the pit of starving, rabid dogs.
Knowledgeable hands again spread-eagled and bound him to a rack made of logs.
Heavy hemp ropes were tied tightly around his testicles and bloody chunks of
raw meat were tied to the dangling ends. The rack was moved into position
where, crazed by the smell of raw meat, the maddened beasts began leaping and
snapping perilously close to Hercules’ tightly bound sac. Each time a dog
caught a chunk of meat in his sharp teeth and wrested it free, pain exploded in
Hercules’ testicles. The king’s excitement knew no bounds as he saw those
delectable, massive testicles being so wrenched and abused. Suddenly Hercules
twisted mightily and freed his legs by breaking the ropes that bound him. He
kicked viciously at the dog’s heads, splitting their skulls one by one. Only
when all were dead did the king grudgingly allow Hercules’ release.