retrogaycavelo: The king had mysteriously ordered the mighty…


The king had mysteriously ordered the mighty Theseus’
whipping saved for last. Theseus was the most heavily muscled and endowed of
the three. It was between Hercules and Theseus that the king had observed the
closest camaraderie. Suspended between two columns, Theseus’ whipping was
personally directed by the jealous king. He grabbed Theseus’ massive manhood
and ordered Hercules to flog it or watch it be removed from his body. Theseus
beseeched Hercules to do as the king demanded, but Hercules could only remember
the feeling of Theseus’ enormous phallus plunging deep into him and filling his
body with a passion he’d never known. Only when the king angrily drew his own
knife to castrate Theseus did Hercules lash out spasmodically at the
swollen cock. The intensifying strokes drove both men toward the sexual
pinnacle. Hercules’ release was simultaneous with the explosion from Theseus’
raging, welted manhood. Their ecstasy was too great for them to notice that
even the king had come to crashing orgasm during the frenzied lashing of
Theseus’ still-begging phallus.